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Aug 03, 2009 [SOLVED] Cannot connect to PFsense webgui tried various Aug 09, 2018 Access web interface of Pfsense in a Virtual machine with Plugged a wireless switch in the LAN port to connect other real computers to the "PFsense router". pfSense initial setup with webGUI access. - Tech Informant

The WebGUI is used to configure the vast majority of items in pfSense. Connect a client PC to the LAN of the firewall and ensure it obtained an IP address. If it did not, it may be plugged into the wrong port. Open a web browser and navigate to, using the default username admin and password pfsense to login.

Now, connect to the LAN interface, fire up your web browser, and navigate to IPv4 address you assign to the LAN interface to access the pfSense webConfigurator. The webConfigurator login is password protected – the default login is admin and the password is pfsense. The first time you login to a new installation of pfSense, you ne greeted Pfsense Web interface unreachable | Proxmox Support Forum Jun 09, 2020

[SOLVED] pfSense webConfigurator does not load on any PC

Jul 11, 2018 pfSense - Virtual LAN setup (VLANs) - Mayfield IT Consulting Now in order for this VLAN interface to start issuing IP addresses we need to configure a DHCP Server for it. Read on. DHCP Server for VLAN 20. Login to pfSense (you’re probably still in pfSense but just in case you’re not you gotta log back in) Click on Services–>DHCP Server; Click on Opt1VLAN20 (link on the upper menu) Enable: Checked Cannot login to WebConfigurator : PFSENSE